A Story from Single Image, Writing Course Day Four

Today’s task is to write something based on one of the pictures sent to me. There are four pictures sent to me and the one that I choose is the top right one. Let’s start with why I choose that one. I choose that one because around three years ago, I started to doubt my […]

Home, Writing Course Day Three

Hello! Today’s the third day of my writing course and today’s task is to write based on some of the available prompts, and as the title said, I choose “Home”. Let’s start with why I choose the word home. I chose it because it has some connection with my depression. Two to one year ago, […]

Weekly Seven Knight #3

Hello again! For this week’s Seven Knight progress, I will start with my grinding progress. My level, once again is still 45 so, that means I’ve been grinding enough for an increase in level, but it doesn’t really matter, since level doesn’t mean I’m stronger, a player 10 or 20 level below me can beat […]

Things I Like, Writing Course: Day Two

So, the last few days I was absent from blogging, mainly due to my psychological condition. After some things happened and some talk with my dad and my doctor, I finally feel relieved. It feels so good to talk about things (especially my feelings) in my current condition. So, after some days off, here’s another […]

Writing Course: Day One

I write because… Mainly, I write because I wanted to improve my English, since it’s not my main language. My main language is Bahasa Indonesia, and I wanted to improve my English because I think it might be good for me in the long run, be it for  my career, or for social and academic […]

Weekly Seven Knight #2

Hi! As you can see today’s my second post of my experience playing Seven Knights. Also, today I’m trying to make a post with Microsoft’s Windows Live Writer, you can use it too if you own a legal copy of windows 7 and up (I’m using Windows 10, from my free upgrade from last year). […]

Intermediate Customization

So, now that I’ve signed up to the Intermediate Customization Course from The Daily Post it’s time to write a post about it. It’s quite different with the blogging fundamentals course, since it’s all about customizing my blog by “tweaking” some parts of the theme that I used (and also for searching for a new […]