Hello! Welcome to my blog’s about page!


About me, the Author

Hi! My name’s Kevin. I’m male, born in 1994. My hobby ┬áis gaming, cooking, and eating. For now, I live in Malang, but my hometown is Surabaya. I live in Malang because I’m studying at Ma Chung University. Currently, I’m still a college student working on my Final Assignment and at my 9th semester. My major is accounting and my “concentration” is in audit.

As I mentioned before, my hometown is in Surabaya, so I’m Indonesian. Of course, I speak Bahasa Indonesia as my main language, but I’m also quite fluent to write, read, and listening in English. As for my speaking skill in English, I’m not sure since I don’t have someone to talk english to. My other skill is in Cooking. So far, my family and my girlfriend already acknowledged my cooking skill, but I still have a lot to learn.

Right now I’m in a relationship with Tara, the love of my life and childhood friend. She also has a blog too, you can find it here. We are in our fourth year of relationship. She’s also one of the many reasons I made this blog, which I will explain more in the next section.

I think that’s it for about me, next is about my blog.

About the Blog

Hi! Welcome to my blog, or should I say my practice blog. I made this blog because I want to sharpen my blogging and writing skill. As I mentioned before in about me section, I made this blog with Tara, my girlfriend, and you can find it here. This practice blog is one of the stepping stone for my bigger project, which is a website/blog that I manage with my girlfriend. In the long run I hope I can open an online shop with her, though we still don’t know what we will sell.

What you will see in this blog in general is as follows:

  • My blogging experience
  • My personal rant/thinking/opinion (I don’t know what word to replace these lol)
  • My gaming experience (also, some tips and trick that I got from it)
  • My cooking
  • Some delicious local food that I tried

Well, I guess that’s all I can write about my blog, since I’m still quite new in blogging and there’s still many room to grow. Hope you can benefit from my blog! Cheers!