A View from “Kost”, Writing Course Day Ten


Hello again! Today’s task is to write based on a view. Specifically, the view from somewhere where I can sit and enjoy myself for around 20 minutes or so. Let’s get started right away!

Because I’m writing mainly on night time, I can’t go outside. But, that doesn’t mean I can’t write something. I will use my memory to write finish today’s task. The view that inspire me for today’s task is a view of my room that I used two nights ago because my aunt had uninvited guest and I hated him, so I’m moving out for a night. I spent the night at “kost” near my aunt’s house and it cost me Rp175.000,00 for a night. The room includes a double bed and a cupboard for my clothes, a refrigerator (and a mini freezer included), a work desk, and cable TV. Also, the room is spacious and I also get a personal bathroom.

Now, the main part is the story from the view. After I got to my room, I immediately rest and tried to examine the room. I can imagine myself living there with my girlfriend. That room inspired me to imagine what I want for my future home. I think I want an apartment rather than a house. Why? Because in apartment, there’s an extra security provided and some facilities near the apartment, like malls, convenience store, and sometimes a Gym. These days, living in an apartment isn’t hard because the culture in my country is shifting to support living in a small space and near the center of the town. I also like my home to be not too big, so I won’t get tired because of cleaning my home. Also, there’s a certain charm in intimacy in living in a small space with your loved ones and the convenience of having everything you need nearby is really what I want.

I guess that’s it for today’s post, I’ll see you on the next post!


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