Not Writing, Writing Course Day Nine


Hello again everyone! Today’s task is about “not writing”. I know, it confused me too at first, but after reading the details, I finally know what the course mean. It means to write something based on what I do to gain inspiration or when I’m on break from writing. It’s good to know that one of the important thing about writing is taking some breaks from it to prevent some “burnout”. Well, to be honest, I’ve already taken some breaks from this course, mainly because of my depression and my laziness.

Usually, when I’m not writing, I’m playing games. In general I like games that requires some kind of strategy, like Civilization series, Age of Empires Series, etc. Also, when I want some kind of action, I play Dota 2, and some mobile games. But, for now my main game is Seven Knights (if you’ve been reading my posts, you’ll know). I find that managing some things on games is fun for me. I really like it when some AI do what I told them to do. What I’ve liked lately is when there’s some random element to that, like in Seven Knights. I just told them to a fight and they use what skill I choose (except on arena) and the random element is their target and some procs of the debuffs or something like that. Honestly, I’m in a love-and-hate relationship with the RNG (Random Number Generator).

What else I do except playing game is reading book. But, these days I don’t because of my depression. I’ve been struggling to concentrate on reading and the “fun” I’ve had when I obtain a new knowledge from a book is gone because of my depression. I’ve been taking some pills lately and I think it works, since my yelling to my parents stopped, but I’m just too afraid to try because I’m afraid that it will depress me more. I really hope I can get this all sorted out.

That’s it for today’s post, see you on the next one!


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