An Open letter to…, Writing Course Day Eight


Dear my old self. Yes, the younger, foolish me.

Well, this is it. Finally, I’m writing to you. You’ve made me who I am today. These days, I wanted to yell at you, yank you, hit you, and even kill you. Why? Because you’ve made so many mistakes. I can’t possibly write all of your wrongdoings because it’s too damn long. Some are already insignificant and some are still in effect, but they all still haunt me this days. I’ve been thinking to kill myself a lot because of you.

All this time, I’ve been hating myself because of you. It’s killing me bit by bit. But, I wanted to end this toxic relationship. I know, you are me and I am you and that fact can’t be denied. What I really want is to make peace with you, but I’m struggling. Part of it is because of you and some current condition. Now, we have a responsibility to deal with our other self, depression. It would be good if we can come up with something to make peace. Honestly, I don’t know what you will throw at me for the next days, weeks, or even months. I just sincerely hope that we can come up with something for this depression. I guess that’s all I can say to you at the moment.

See you soon

Best wishes,




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