Regret, Writing Course Day Seven


Hello again, and sorry for not posting for two straight days. For two days I’ve been doing almost nothing except eating and playing games and that’s also because my depression caught me off guard again. I know I shouldn’t let myself procrastinate too much, but the environment isn’t on my side either Laughing out loud. Without further ado, let’s get started on today’s task.

Today’s task is to write based on some tweets. The main goal of today’s task is to help us find inspirations from other sources. Here’s the tweet that triggered me to response: “I’ve deleted enough tweets to know that I should never get a tattoo.”, by user @AbbyHasIssues. I can relate to her (?) tweet, because I have some of my posts and comments that I posted on facebook which I regret to this day. Also, I do have some words that I’ve said to people that I wish that I can undo. Many times, my rage got the better of me and I’ve said things that can’t be undone and hurt some people or organizations (and believe me, I regretted all of it).

Sometimes I just wish I can turn back time and slap myself before I said some things to other people, especially those I love. As you might all know that I have depression and it makes me lash out on my parents when I’m not in a good mood (that time, I don’t even know what depression is) and when I’m relaxed, I’m confused on how the hell did I react to my parents. Writing this makes me anxious, depressed, and relieved at the same time and it makes me uncomfortable. I think I will end today’s post with this, so it won’t haunt me when I’m trying to sleep.

See you on the next post!


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