Weekly Seven Knights #4


Hello again on another weekly Seven Knights recap! This week is pretty good, there are some up and downs. Also, today’s the last day of July, the Month of the Seven Knights, which means the end of the events, and I’ve made sure to participate on almost all of it to reap the rewards. Without further ado, let’s get started. First, is my PvP content, the arena. My arena score for this week is 2049, which is down 40 points from last week. It’s not that bad, and I’ve tried to reassign my team by switching Dellons with my Eileene, mainly because my Dellons can’t survive almost every time in the arena. The downside of replacing Dellons is my team sometimes didn’t hit/skill first, due to Dellons’ high speed. Next, is the semi PvP, which is the Castle Rush (CR). This content is new on my recap, because recently, I rejoined my old guild, RascalK. On my old guild, we do the normal CR only, and because of that I can identify my progress more accurately due to the steady difficulty each day. This week all of my score are all above 400K (raw), which is slightly higher than the recommended score per member of the guild (200K). That’s it for the PvP contents, moving on to the PvE content.

This week my PvE progress generally grow on almost all aspect. Now, my Celestial Floor is 111. I know, it only increase by 1 floor, but don’t underestimate floor 111 to 120, because even my “hard casher” friend is having a hard time progressing through, also my current heroes isn’t suited to push through. I guess I really need Jave and Lu Bu for tower (pray to RNGesus). Next, my dragon raid level is 44. Actually, I can still solo it and I can beat it with auto skill on 2 entry only (maybe 3 entry if I’m unlucky). I’m pretty pleased with my PvE progress myself, mainly because it consistently grew and I think by the end of August I can solo lv 50 dragons, and by the 1st anniversary of Seven Knights Global/Asia I can solo lv 60~70 dragons depending on event rewards. Also, my level now is 46, not that it matters Laughing out loud.

I guess that’s it for today, tomorrow I have many things to do with y friends. See you next week!


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