A View from “Kost”, Writing Course Day Ten

  Hello again! Today’s task is to write based on a view. Specifically, the view from somewhere where I can sit and enjoy myself for around 20 minutes or so. Let’s get started right away! Because I’m writing mainly on night time, I can’t go outside. But, that doesn’t mean I can’t write something. I […]

Not Writing, Writing Course Day Nine

  Hello again everyone! Today’s task is about “not writing”. I know, it confused me too at first, but after reading the details, I finally know what the course mean. It means to write something based on what I do to gain inspiration or when I’m on break from writing. It’s good to know that […]

An Open letter to…, Writing Course Day Eight

  Dear my old self. Yes, the younger, foolish me. Well, this is it. Finally, I’m writing to you. You’ve made me who I am today. These days, I wanted to yell at you, yank you, hit you, and even kill you. Why? Because you’ve made so many mistakes. I can’t possibly write all of […]

Weekly Seven Knights #4

  Hello again on another weekly Seven Knights recap! This week is pretty good, there are some up and downs. Also, today’s the last day of July, the Month of the Seven Knights, which means the end of the events, and I’ve made sure to participate on almost all of it to reap the rewards. […]

Regret, Writing Course Day Seven

  Hello again, and sorry for not posting for two straight days. For two days I’ve been doing almost nothing except eating and playing games and that’s also because my depression caught me off guard again. I know I shouldn’t let myself procrastinate too much, but the environment isn’t on my side either . Without […]

Writing Sanctuary, Writing Course Day Six

Hello again! Today’s task is to write about my ideal place to write, hence my title. My ideal place to write is almost like a sanctuary. Why? Because I feel like my ideal place to be “safe” from the “touch” of peoples, even my girlfriend . Also, I like to write in familiar place, so […]

Reason, Writing Course Day Five

  “Reason has always existed, but not always in a reasonable form” Karl Marx Hello again! Today’s task is to post based on a quote. For today’s quote I used Karl Marx’s quote. Let’s start this post with some insight about Karl Marx and then get to the point why I used Marx’s quote. Karl […]